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Storytelling Career Mega Pack

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

Hey everyone! Have you ever had a story planned out for your sims but you can't find the perfect career for them? Most of the time when I find the career it ends up being a complicated career with a bunch of promotion tasks and extra stuff. Well, I've made a pack of a bunch of single-level careers. All your sim has to do is go to work, that's it. This is perfect for the non-important sims in your life, like the forgotten children of your legacy challenge, hehe.


Don't want to download one at a time? Download them all at once below!


How To Download:

Click the image of the career to be sent to the download









Compliance Officer


Data Scientist


Dental Hygienist




Diagnostic Medical Sonographer


Financial Advisor


Financial Manager


General Surgeon


Genetic Counselor


Home Health Aide


Information Security Analyst


IT Manager


Interpreter and Translator




Marketing Manager


Marriage and Family Therapist


Massage Therapist




Mechanical Engineer


Medical and Health Services Manager


Nurse Anesthetist


Nurse Practitioner


Obstetrician and Gynecologist


Occupational Therapist


Operations Research Analyst




Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeon




Orthotist and Prosthetist






Personal Care Aide




Physical Therapist


Physical Therapist Assistant




Physician Assistant










Registered Nurse


Respiratory Therapist


Software Developer


Speech-Language Pathologist




Substance Abuse and Behavioral Disorder Counselor




Web Developer


Wind Turbine Technician

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6 comentarios

Robyn Derry
Robyn Derry
01 jun 2023

Better Exceptions is saying these awesome careers are out of date. Do you have plans to update?

Me gusta
04 sept 2023
Contestando a

She won't update them as she now works with Maxis/EA as an Assistant Producer for The Sims and can't make mods while working for them (legal reasons). Consider sending a message to one of the modders who've adopted her bigger mods. They might be able to take this on if they have the time.

Me gusta

Disney4life 1987
Disney4life 1987
12 jul 2022

Hi was curious what the cheat would be to promote/demote?

Me gusta

BabaJack 2k18
BabaJack 2k18
07 jul 2022

What do I like about the mod? That the profession of financial adviser is part of it. This is my job in real life, which I do with fun and joy, so I think it's all the more great that I as a Sim can also move in this direction. Thanks for that!

Me gusta

16 feb 2022

Is it possible to make more trades-centered careers? Like plumber, electrician, carpenter, etc.?

Me gusta

OMG how am I just finding out about you! thank you so so so so soooo much!! You have almost every career i would want! i've been trying to figure out how to make careers so i could make alot of these! anyway you could make a medical assistant or link me to a tutorial so I could make it?

Me gusta
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