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Shear Brilliance // Active Cosmetology Mod

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

"Hey! Looking for ways to make some Simoleons? Do you love giving people makeovers? Shear Brilliance offers the opportunity for stylists to find clients in a safe way in their community! Sign up for Shear Brilliance today! "


Now introducing "Sheer Brilliance", a Sims 4 Active Cosmetology Mod! When Get Famous came out I always wanted my sims to be able to open up a salon, but for some reason, this wasn't a feature that came with the pack, so I decided to do it myself!

How does it work?

In your sims phone, there should be a new option called "K Career Portal" (It's a new menu I made to hold all phone interactions for my career mods). In this menu, there should be a shear brilliance menu and there's an option for the Shear Brilliance App. it will open up a custom odd job menu with different client appointment requests depending on your sims cosmetology level. Watch out, once you accept an appointment the client will show up wherever your sim is located.

The All-in-One Styling Station can be found in the Activities and Skills -> Recreation section of build mode. I have edited the chair so now your sim is able to earn simoleons & fame for offering hairstyling, makeup, or appearance styling (CAS). Your sim is also able to practice makeup & hairstyling on a friend by using the "Practice Makeup" & "Practice Styling Hair" interactions on the chair. I recommend doing this to raise your sims cosmetology skill level, a custom skill that I created for this mod!

The tasks for the Shear Brilliance gigs are simple! All you have to do is give your client a makeover & take a Simstagram photo of your client after you finish the makeover. You can choose to "Offer Appearance Styling" which allows you to give your client a full makeover in Create-A-Sim, or you can choose to "Offer Makeup" or "Offer Hair Style" which will randomize various hair & makeup that you have in your game, custom content & game content.

I recommend doing "Offer Appearance Styling" cause your sim will level up in their cosmetology skill faster. For "Offer Makeup" & "Offer Hair Style" your sim will give the client a random style 3 times. Between each style, your sim will discuss the hair or makeup with the client. During this time you will need to press "Keep Style" to lock in the makeup look or hairstyle.

The next step is to take a photo of your client to upload to your Simstagram account. To find the interactions for Shear Brilliance go to the "K Career Portal" on your phone (It's a new menu I made to hold all phone interactions for my career mods). In this menu, there should be a shear brilliance menu and you should have an option called "Take Simstagram Photo Of Client". Make sure you have enough space near your client to take the photo! Tell them to say "Cheese" and snap the photo. Your sim should upload the image to simstagram, getting more followers and fame!


Version 2

Active Hairstylist Career

How does it work?

The Hairstylist career works like any other Get-To-Work career. When it's time for your sim to go to work the game will give you the option to follow them to the salon venue and actually help your sim through the workday.

Salon Venue?

Yes, you heard me correctly, a Salon venue! I've created a custom venue type and this venue allows your sim to actively go to work at the daycare. Your sims can also visit the venue even if your sim isn't currently working. This is the perfect opportunity to get a new hairdo! You can make any lot a salon by changing the venue type to 'Salon". To follow your sim to work, you MUST place down a salon lot set as the salon venue type.

Where are the styling interactions on the salon chair?

When you are at the salon lot you have to click on a sim with the red title "Client" over their head. Then you will have the option to style that sim. If you want to get styled by a stylist you have to click the stylist and ask them to style you!


Can I own a salon?

I am currently working on this and it should be in the next update! An alternative is to open a retail lot with Get To Work. You can place the All-In-One Styling Station in your retail store and use your customers as clients. I recommend finding cc of products that are commonly sold at beauty supply stores so you have something to sell to your customers!

Is the styling station portable?

Yes, the styling station is portable. I made it so you can click on the styling chair and there should be an interaction that says to put it in your inventory. This way you can pull out the chair anywhere and give a sim a makeover! You don't have to use the Shear Brilliance App on your sims phone to get clients, you can even give your neighbor a makeover!


Mod Requirements:

✨Island Living, Get Famous, Get-To-Work✨

Not Compatible With:

⚠ LittleMsSam's Offer Appearance Styling & earn Money (Get Famous) ⚠

⚠ LittleMsSam's Hire MakeUp Artist & Get a Appearance Styling (Get Famous) ⚠

Her mod and my mod both edit the tuning of the styling chair. You're able to make money with the styling chair using my mod so having both is not necessary. Any other mod that changes the tuning of the styling chair will also cause compatibility issues.



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Anna Leah
Anna Leah
Jan 27

Assuming this mod is abandoned which is a shame. I have everything the mod needs to work, but my sim will endlessly style the client’s hair/make up without stopping, and I don’t have the option to “lock style”. Please come back 😭

Replying to

I think this mod has been adopted by Adeepindigo :)



I translated the mod to polsih. Can I send it to you? I can't find any E-mail Adress to you.


Jun 22, 2023

no salon venue there... e___e

Replying to

If you download all the stuff she said and you put them in your mods folder you can just place down any random salon from the gallery and as lot type you'll be able to select the salon. I'm just struggling with the phone


Sam (Artemis)
Sam (Artemis)
Jan 29, 2023

Do you have any links to CC you get-- because I absolutely love the makeup and hair of the sim in the cover image


Hannaah Latham
Hannaah Latham
Nov 21, 2022

Your directions are saying in order for your sim to be followed to work you need to place a salon lot down with the venue type as "salon" but it is no option for that? I made sure my mod was downloaded correctly and its still not there.

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