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Preteen: First Crush Pack

Updated: Jul 9, 2023

"Aaah they are so cute! Don't worry it's just a crush, nothing too serious!"


How does it work?

To start using the first crush pack open the social menu on your preteen's phone and select "Follow Crush On Simstagram". After that, a menu will pop up showing all the preteens in your save. Select whichever sim you want to be your preteen's crush. After that, you'll get a notification saying your sim has developed a crush and if you open their crush's sim profile you'll see the crush relationship.

They have a crush! What do we do now?

If you look back at your preteen's phone and go to the social menu you'll see some new options. If you want to remove your preteen's crush you can select "Unfollow Crush On Simstagram". They can also stalk their crush on simstagram to learn some of their traits. They can ask their crush to go on a date and choose between a group, chaperoned, or a normal date. These are rabbit holes for now.

Relationship Stuff

I added and edited a lot of the normal romance interactions to make them more preteen-friendly. The romance menu is still disabled so instead, you go to the preteen pie menu and go in the crush pie menu. There you will find all the romance-related interactions. The "ask to be boyfriend/girlfriend" interaction will be "Ask to be sweetheart", idk I just found that pretty adorable. Your preteen can also reveal their crush but it doesn't have too much of an effect yet, I plan on doing more with that soon.

Other quirky things

I'll of course be adding more to this pack but I made it so your sim can write about their crush in their journal.


Mod Requirements:


(Mod Adopted by adeepindigo)


Don't worry yall! I plan on adding a lot more in the future. I just had to get this out so everyone's preteens can have cute little safe relationships. My immune system been shot since I got COVID in January so I've been sick constantly, but I'm really trying yall 😭💕

Some Future Plans:

  • Parents will be able to ban dating

  • Active Date Events

  • Relationship related preteen phases

  • Crush related school chance cards

  • Autonomous Crushes

  • Secret admirers

  • Multiple Crushes

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