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Planet Canine // Active Doggy Daycare Business

Updated: Mar 11, 2023

"Owning your own dog daycare has so many benefits. When you start your dog daycare business, you will have a job that is fun, interesting, and rewarding. It's a fun business, it's all about the dogs!"


Now introducing Planet Canine, my first custom business mod! I wanted to try messing around with the games retail/business settings and was able to figure out how to let y'all purchase a custom lot as a business. I've also been wanting to make a doggy daycare since I made the toddler daycare earlier this year.

How Does it work?

First, make/download a lot and make it the new "Doggy Daycare" Venue Type. I recommend this lot by AmyJSims because it's beautifully made, but make sure your sim will be able to afford to buy this lot! Once you make the venue type "Doggy Daycare" there are certain items that the lot is required to have, such as a front desk & table, and of course items for dogs such as foods bowls, beds, and toys.

How Do I Buy a Daycare?

Go to your sim's computer, click household, and then click "Buy a Doggy Daycare Center". This will send you to the world map, then find the world that your daycare is located. If your sim can afford the daycare they will be able to purchase it. If a sim already owns the daycare or there isn't one available then the "Buy a Doggy Daycare Center" option will be grayed out.

I own the what?

Now that you own the daycare you are given the option to transfer money between your business funds & house funds. I recommend putting some money in your business funds so you'll be able to decorate your lot some more because if you go in build mode it'll take money from your business & not household funds.

Owning the daycare also gives you access to the business panel for your daycare. You can't open the daycare or hire employees through this panel yet because some intense scripting would be needed to be done to get this into the retail system of the game.

How do I open the daycare?

To open your doggy daycare, click on the front door of the daycare center and click the "Open Doggy Daycare Center" interaction. Dogs will start to show up on your daycare and your sim will get paid $50 per dog a day. The payment depends on your sim's pet training skill level. At level 1 you get $50 per dog, Level 2 you get $100, Level 3 is $150, Level 4 is $200, and level 5 is $250. Sims will pay a lot of money for a top dog trainer to watch their animals. The payment will be sent to your business funds instead of your household funds so make sure to transfer your funds from the business menu.

How do I hire employees?

To hire employees you go to your sim's phone under the "K's Career Portal" menu. Then click the "doggy daycare" option. There will be an option to hire employees. You can hire up to 5 employees and they get paid $15 an hour. You would have to use this interaction every day that your want to hire them because I still haven't figured out how to make this recurring.

How do I get more dogs to show up?

Do you want more dogs at your daycare? Run ads! There are three ad options, small, medium, and large. A small ad runs for 1 day and gives you an extra 5 dogs. A medium ad runs for 2 days and gives you an extra 10 dogs. A large ad runs for 7 days and gives you an extra 15 dogs. To run an ad go to the "K Career Portal" menu on your sim's phone, go to "Doggy Daycare", and then click advertise doggy daycare.

How do I close the daycare for the day?

To close your daycare click on the front door again and there should be an option to close the daycare. Your employee's shift ends automatically in 12 hours but you can end it early by clicking on them and selecting "Dismiss".


Expansion/Game/Stuff Pack Requirements:

  • Get-To-Work (Expansion Pack)

  • Cats & Dogs (Expansion Pack)

Mod Requirements:

  • Venue Changes By Zerbu: This is needed for the venue type to be shown in the game. Without this mod, you won't be able to follow your sim to work.

  • XML Injector: This is needed so the new interactions show up in-game. You may already have this in your mods folder because of other mod requirements, so be sure to check.

  • ItsKatato's Career Portal Menu: This phone menu will be the hub for all my career mods that require phone interactions! Download this or you won't be able to find the interactions.


You can only have ONE venue list in your mods folder! There are many venue lists made by a variety of modders, LittleMsSams venue list, Get to College Venue List, Basemental Drugs Venue List, Coolspear`s Multipark Venue ID, ChippedSim’s Graveyard Venue, and Ksuihuh’s Venue List. Zerbus venue list should work for all mods because of the way the mod was created.


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11 comentarios

is there a way to send your dog to the daycare?

Me gusta

Hello. This mod is an amazing idea. Unfortunally, i'm having some issues as well. For me, there isn't any opitions to buy the daycare, so I can't say if the rest of the mod is working.

Me gusta

Elizabeth Smiley
Elizabeth Smiley
01 abr 2023

I'm sorry - I'm well behind the curve on The Sims. You mention "First, make/download a lot and make it the new "Doggy Daycare" Venue Type." I cannot, for the life of me, figure out where that is - I assume it's a mod but all the change venue mods I've downloaded don't include that option. What am I missing? Please explain to me from the beginning - like a 5 year old - how I get that option and which mod I'm missing?

Me gusta
Quinnera Jackson
Quinnera Jackson
02 abr 2023
Contestando a

Kato is no longer handling this mod you will have to go to this website It is now run by MizoreYukii.

Me gusta

Helena Wennstig
Helena Wennstig
05 feb 2023

I wish there were option of buying the daycare in the phone too. Computers doesn't work in my game for some reason, tried repairing the game but it didn't help, it just like an decor-object in my game. So I made a sim, built a whole doggy daycare and then I couldn't purchase it, was really disappointed. :(

Me gusta

Olivia Martyn
Olivia Martyn
19 may 2022

There is no option to open the daycare at all. I don't see it in my household menu and I don't have conflicting mods.

Me gusta
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