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Kiddoodle Job Listings

Updated: Mar 11

"Hey Kids! Looking for ways to make some Simoleons? Are you too young to get a regular job? Kiddoodle Job Listings offers the opportunity for kids to find work in a safe way in their community! Sign up for a Kiddoodle Job today!"


How does this mod work?

This mod adds a new interaction to the phone's work category called "Kidoodle Job Listings". This interaction opens a custom OddJob menu just for kids! It is filled with different job opportunities that require different skills available to children.

What jobs are available?

There are currently 8 jobs are the kids can choose from Lemonade Stand, Babysitting, Dog Walking, Mowing Lawns, Bake Sales, Garage Sales, Computer Repair, and Phone Repair.

What about pay?

There are two different versions of the mod that you can install: The high pay version and the low pay version. The low-paying version makes the mod a lot more realistic since kids wouldn't be making that much, the high-paying version, however, is great for the sims since sim prices are inflated in comparison to the real world.

Future update plans?

I plan on adding a lot more jobs, including home assignment jobs & seasonal jobs such as raking leaves and shoveling snow.

Pack Requirements?

This mod requires Island Living in order to work because of the odd job system!





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